Synfiber are commited to the environment, both in our everyday life, but also human rights, labor rights, environments and development :

Eco lighthouse
    Eco-lighthouse works systematically with environmental measures in the everyday life. Synfiber meets the branch requirements and implementing measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and good working environments.
IEH eng
    Synfiber is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). This means that we commit ourselves to work for trade which promotes human rights, labor rights, environments and development .
    Synfiber strives for all products to be made with Oeko-Tex100 certified fabrics. It means the materials used have been tested and are proven safe to use in clothing which is in contact with the skin. This certification guarantees that the health risks related to the products is as low as possible. In other words, this is a guarantee that harmful chemicals that could be left in the finished product do not exceed permitted values. 95% of all the garments in this catalog are manufactured from Oeko-Tex 100 certified materials.